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Wedding Reception for Christian and Civil Weddings

So your ceremony is over now, it may have been a traditional church wedding, a civil service or a civil partnership but the reception can still follow the same pattern after the ceremony. Here is a guide to where and when music can be played to highlight the rest of of your wedding day to make the best of your after ceremony celebrations. You can really have lots of fun with your music choice and don't forget this is where your guests have to be considered perhaps most of all.

Drinks Reception Music

This is all about form, meeting and greeting. Music choice for your drinks reception is important so as to set the mood. Your music can be a focal point for a conventional performance at this point or the artist can be used to mingle amongst your guests whilst they make conversation. Very gentle background music as an accompaniment should be chosen here as conversation is key and your guests will not want to shout above the music to make themselves heard!

Wedding Breakfast Music

A wedding breakfast is a dinner given to the bride, bridegroom and guests at the wedding reception that follows a wedding in England. Music played during the meal really helps relax guests and offers a wonderful peaceful atmosphere. Everyone can now sit back relax and enjoy the meal, it is important that music choice here in unobtrusive and gentle so that it is simply background music to be enjoyed, it should blend quietly but should still be entertaining and relevant to the bride and groom. Classical music at this stage of the wedding is usually a popular choice and lends a luxurious ambience to the occasion.

The First Dance Music

Most couples have a special song which they usually refer to as “their song”. It may be a piece of music that is so memorable to them they will choose this for the first dance at the wedding party. However not all couples will have a song in mind and will happily choose a song that appeals them both.

Wedding Party Music

This stage of the wedding celebrations is usually a case of people letting their hair down and having a more fun time with their family and friends, so the ambience can afford to be a lot more relaxed. You may have a venue that offers a dance floor and if you really create a party mood everyone will be up and dancing the night away. However you may prefer a much more laid back approach to the evening entertainment and simply have background music for people to be able to chat away while the celebrations wind down.

Wedding Music Sample Tracks

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