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Christian / Church Wedding Wedding Ceremony

Below are the stages where it is usual to highlight your wedding with music.

The wedding violinist can tailor make a musical program for you.

The Prelude

Music for arrival of the guests at the Church

Welcome your guests at the church by offering beautiful music, perhaps light classical. This will create a wonderful atmosphere and sense of occasion, creating a talking point whilst waiting for the arrival of the bridal party. Live music can be played outside of the venue as well as in the ceremony room.

The Processional

Music for the bride to walk down the aisle

You may want to remain steadfast to tradition and hear The Wedding March play as you walk down the aisle but there is nothing stopping you from having a favourite piece that has a special meaning to you both as bride and groom. This is the moment for the bride and all eyes will be on her, this piece will probably be the most significant piece of music for the bride to choose for the wedding day.

Signing the Register

Music for signing of the register

Music chosen for the signing of the register should be discreet and subtle while the bride and groom disappear into the vestry for this most important part of the ceremony. You may need to choose up to three pieces of music to fill time while your guests wait in the Church.

The Recessional

Music for departure from the Church

The tension is over and everyone is starting to relax as they depart from the Church, the serious part of the ceremony is complete and now is a time to celebrate this most joyous occasion, you will want to hear uplifting and joyous music as the congregation leaves the Church.

Wedding Music Sample Tracks

All Sample Tracks Recorded and Performed

By Pete Hartley

The Wedding Violinist

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